BLOG// Returning Home

  • Exhibition Announcement!

    I'm extremely pleased to announce that I will be having my debut solo gallery show in The Coningsby Gallery in August! The show will consist of original work and prints from my current graphic novel project, Returning Home, which will be very exciting as I've thus far been keeping all the work under wraps! I cannot express how exciting it is to be asked to exhibit in such a prestigious gallery for my first solo show.

    The Coningsby Gallery is based in central London, and is dedicated to illustration and graphic art. The show will take place between the 11th-16th August 2014. Keep checking back for details about the private view!

    [Image courtesy of The Coningsby Gallery/ John Englefield]

  • Goodbye to Hong Kong

    Well, I've returned back to the UK and the first part of research is wrapped up. I now have several sketchbooks and about 3,200 photographs to sort through... and the first draft of my script is well underway! Many thanks to all my family and friends in HK who gave me a first hand experience of the culture. I'd also like to give particular thanks to the mixed race/ "3rd culture" people that I interviewed during my time out there; Darren, Tim, Nora and Claire you can all expect free copies of the book!

    But this project is as much about being mixed race in the UK as it is about being half Chinese in HK, so expect more research and development to follow... for now, so long HK!